May 23, 2023

2023 Spring/Summer Schedule





Weekly Three hour Classes

Stone Carving Saturdays

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'Carving stone into sculpture is an activity older then civilization itself.'  - Wikipedia



 Weekly Classes

Weekly Class Options Spring/Summer


Tuesday  Mornings   
10:00am - 1pm
June 20 - August 22 / no class July 4th
9 Classes



Wednesday Nights   
6:30 - 9:30pm
June 21 - August 23 / no class July 5th
9 Classes

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Come learn how to carve stone(alabaster) and enjoy all parts of this fascinating ancient medium. Beginning/intermediate/advanced students are all welcomed. You will learn the whole process of stone carving from beginning chisels, to the files and finishing process. Students are encouraged and helped to produce the type of work that interests them! More advanced students are helped to pursue new creative directions or to revisit current ones. Class discussion and demonstration accompany many peaceful hours of working and connecting with the stone. No previous experience required! 

* Classes are ongoing thru spring. Tuesday Mornings and Wednesday nights. 

*Past students can re-enter whenever they like(space-permitted) by way of a

Five Class Package  -  $375.00

Ten Class  Package  -  $700.00


Venmo - @carve_stone  

*Venmo person to person please!

Zelle Accepted - (781 258 9530)




Stone Carving Saturdays


In this popular one-day workshop, you will have 
the opportunity to carve your own 
stone, an art form that is not typically accessible.  
For beginners and experienced sculptors alike, 
you'll be guided through the process of looking 
into the rock for imagery, carving into material, 
planning and forming a sculpture and using tools. 
Hand-carving techniques will be demonstrated and 
stone carving lore will be discussed. Safety in the 
studio and tool sourcing will be addressed. You 
will leave with a stone sculpture in hand. All 
materials will be provided. If you have a past 
stone you need to work on, there is a byos (bring 
your own stone) option!

June 17             6 spots left

July 22             8 spots left

August 19          9 spots left

$175.00/Each Workshop

$115.00 BYOS from previous Workshop

Venmo - @carve_stone  
*Venmo person to person please!

Zelle Accepted - (781-258-9530)

Please confirm specifics of what you are registering for 



Plan Your Own (Group) Workshop

-Privately planned group workshops are a popular activity for 

family, friends and coworkers who basically want to rent the studio 

out for a stone carving experience that works with their busy


*Original sculpture for sale, bigger pieces for public, corporate or business settings, indoor outdoor. Smaller to mid-size pieces as well click on above secure link.






Payment Options

1. Venmo - @carve_stone  (9530)

2. Zelle - 781-258-9530

3. Check

4. PAYPAL  link to the right (accepts credit cards)