Nov 22, 2019

2019/20 Weekly/Saturday/Sculpture Gallery

   Weekly Three hour Classes

Stone Carving Saturdays

COSM One Day Workshop

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Updated Sculpture Gallery

Stone Carving is a truly unique creative experience that has spanned thousands of yearsand is still practiced today! It promotes mindfulness, patience, inspiration and is stress-buster! Classes take place in a bright historic railroad    building located directly on the Minute-Man Bike Path @ Bedford Depot.


       7:00pm – 10:00    

     November 20 - December 18
    5 classes  $275.00     -3 spots left


       10:00am – 1:00     

    November 25 - December 23

      5 classes  $275.00     -1 spots left





                                     Winter 2020

Come learn how to carve stone and learn all 

parts of this fascinating ancient medium. 

Whether you are a beginner or an expert

carver there is something for everyone to

learn  about stone carving. Class commitment 

is three hours a week for ten weeks,  

make-ups are possible in other running

classes. Please see the ever growing Instagram

page link to the right to get an idea of the 

sculptures people are producing. Tools are in


If you have

any questions don't hesitate to call. 



Weekly Classes:

                                                                   -6 spots left 

10:00am – 1:00  

January 6 – March 16

-10 classes   

Monday                  -12 spots left 

7:00pm – 10:00

January 6 – March 16

-10 classes   

Wednesday           -12 spots left 

10:00am - 1:00

January 8– March 18

-10 classes    

Wednesday            -7 spots left                 

7:00pm – 10:00

January 8 – March 18

-10 classes    


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Stone Carving Saturdays:

In this popular one-day workshop, you'll have the opportunity to carve your own stone, an art form that is not typically accessible. For beginners and experienced sculptors alike, you'll be guided through the process of looking into the rock for imagery, carving into material, planning and forming a sculpture, and using tools. Hand-carving techniques will be demonstrated, and stone carving lore will be discussed. We'll also touch upon safety in studio,and stone and tool sourcing. You will leave with your stone sculpture in hand. Please bring a bag lunch to class. All materials will be provided. $140.00/each workshop

Dec   21 -7 spots left 


Jan 25  -12 spots left 

Feb 22 -12 spots left 


Stone Carving Saturdays


The mission of COSM

Chapel of Sacred Mirrors 

is to build an enduring sanctuary of visionary art 

to inspire and evolve the creative Spirit!

Founded by Alex/Allyson Grey, Visionary Artists
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Specialty stone work commissions accepted as well. It can be very hard to find anyone these 

days who knows about working in stone. Our studios work has grown to include restoration, 

lettering and conservation in marble, alabaster and limestone, sorry no harder stones like